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NYELA (2020)
CLIENT: Grand Park

ROLE: Creative + Art Direction

In it's 9th year, and due to the pandemic, Grand Park's NYELA needed to move to digital. This would be an NYELA like no other as the 90K+ attendees would no longer be part of the event. An entertaining, park-promoting and reflective piece of content was the base requirement and a platform to share was in need.

We teamed with Steve Aoki's Dim Mak En Fuego to showcase new and upcoming LatinX talent, his good friend BIA would come along for the ride and Steve himself would headline the event. We teamed up with Fuse to air the event on New Year's Eve night. The artistic through-line of the show was light. Light as energy, light as positivity and light as youth. The logo, key art, show open and all promo materials were designed and animated with this in mind. Through all the obstacles and challenges, the show was a success.

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